Epirus Adventures

Epirus Adventures is a tour operator with excellent knowledge of the Epirus region and mainland Greece, providing unique experiences, outdoor activities and multi-day tours.
Our touring company started operating in the region of Epirus in 2018, making day trips to Zagori, Tzoumerka, and Metsovo.
Today, with our love for our work, we managed to play a leading role in the tourist market of mainland Greece, organizing unique experiences, activities, and multi-day tour packages, aiming for the best quality for the traveler.

Starting our journey with a passion for exploration, a love for nature and always looking for experiences, we managed to offer the visitors of Epirus something unique.
Our goal is the combination of nature, gastronomy and culture, as Epirus is full of beautiful landscapes, unique flavors and rich history, but also the combination of mountain and sea because Epirus is a destination for all seasons.

“It's not just a vacation, it's a complete experience.”