Discovering the Beauty of Zagori through Hiking

Are you a hiking enthusiast and looking for your next adventure? Take a look no further than Zagori in Epirus, Greece. With its stunning mountainous landscapes, crystal-clear rivers, and rich history, Zagori is the perfect hiking destination for all experience levels.


Here are some of the most popular hiking trails in Zagori:

1. Vikos Gorge Hike: This 12-kilometer trail takes you through the heart of the Vikos Gorge, offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains, cliffs, and waterfalls. The trail can be challenging, but the reward is the breathtaking views.

2. Alpine Dragon Lake Hike: This trail takes you to Dragon Lake, starts from Mikro Papingo, and is located at 2,050 meters. The trial distance is about 17 km. The trail is challenging, but the reward is a breathtaking view of the lake and the surrounding mountains.

3. Zagori Villages & Stone Bridges Hike: This 16-kilometer trail takes you through the famous stone bridges of Zagori, offering a glimpse into the region’s rich history and architecture. You will explore Vitsa, Dilofo, Koukouli village and the stone bridges of Kokkoris, Plakidas, Misios and Arkoudas


If you’re traveling with children or are a beginner hiker, there are also many easy hiking trails in Zagori. Here are some of the best for you and your family:

1. Zagori Stone Bridges 3-hour Hike: Our great option for families. This 3-hour hike takes you through the charming traditional villages of Zagori, offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

2. Vradeto Steps Hike: The famous trail of Vradeto steps takes you up a stone staircase with 1,200 steps, offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains and villages. The trail continues up to the mountain peaks and ends at the Beloi viewpoint of Vikos gorge.

3. Voidomatis Gorge Hike: This 3-kilometer trail follows the Voidomatis River, offering breathtaking views of the crystal-clear water and surrounding nature. A great hiking trail for the summer months because you can enjoy swimming in Voidomatis’ crystal clear waters.


For experienced hikers looking for a challenge, we propose the following ideal trails where you can have an overnight stay with your tent (always respecting nature!) in Zagori:

1. Vitsa to Aristi Bridge Hike through Vikos Gorge (16 km): Including the known Vikos Gorge Hike but continues after the springs of Voidomatis and starts from Vitsa village. It has 13 passes through the cold waters of the Voidomatis river, which is challenging.

2. Tymfi Mountain Range Hike (21 km): This trail takes you through the rugged Tymfi Mountain Range, offering stunning views of the surrounding peaks, valleys, and Dragon Lake. It starts from Mikro Papingo and ends at Tsepelovo

3. Dragon Lake Hike from Konitsa Stone Bridge (21 km): The first 12 kilometers are challenging. The total length is 21 km and ends at Mikro Papingo. Yes, it’s challenging, but you can stay overnight at Mt. Tymfi’s hiking refuge—one of the best hiking trails in Zagori.


Zagori is a paradise for hikers of all levels of experience, offering a variety of hiking trails with stunning views of the mountains, rivers, and valleys. Whether you’re traveling with children or are an experienced hiker looking for a challenge, Zagori has something for everyone. And with the expertise of Epirus Adventures, you can make the most of your hiking adventure in this beautiful region of Greece.


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