Nikopolis: The largest ancient city in Greece

We all know some or several ancient cities of Greece. Some are more and others less famous for their history and what happened there. There is also an ancient city that many may not know so well and ignore a detail of its history. It is Nikopolis and is the largest ancient city in Greece. Nikopolis of Preveza has an extraordinary history in antiquity, and today one can see what is left there. It is no coincidence that they also call it the Greek “Pompeii”. You can get to know it up close if you are in this tourist area of ​​Epirus, any time of the year.

Ancient Nikopolis is built on the peninsula, separating the Amvrakikos Gulf from the Ionian Sea. Its name is not accidental since it was named the city of victory. The largest ancient city of Greece had land and sea roads that led there and was a great commercial center. How was the city founded? The events are not just coincidental as the famous Nikopolis was founded as a symbol of the great victory of Gaius Julius Caesar Octavian and later Roman emperor Augustus against Marco Antonio and Cleopatra VII of Egypt in Aktio.

This historic town was a well-known center of trade during the past centuries while it was also the administrative capital of Epirus for seven centuries. Octavian transported populations from the largest Greek cities in the area. Nikopolis is estimated to have had up to 100,000 inhabitants during its heyday, making it one of the largest urban centers in the Roman world.