The weather in Epirus, Greece

The weather in Greece

In spring and summer, the weather in Greece is usually sunny. You can plan a pleasant vacation in Greece from April to mid-October and until the end of November in most of Greece. The Greek winter is cold, mainly in northern and central Greece, so temperatures drop, and most of the mountainous region of Greece is covered by snow from late December to early March.
The drop in temperature in mainland Greece has been particularly impressive since the end of November, but the temperatures are still pleasant to plan your trip.

Many travelers ask about the weather during the autumn and spring period in locations of mainland Greece such as Epirus.
Note that there is no stable weather in any area in Greece for these months, and it is difficult to predict in a reasonable amount of time. One of the characteristics of autumn is that the first snows often start from central Greece and then appear in the north.
If you are in Greece in autumn, enjoy the weather as it is as the beauties and colors of nature are unique.

Another feature of the country is that it is separated from the Pindos mountain range. Therefore, if the weather is rainy from the east, then in the west, it will be sunny, and vice versa as the high mountains of Pindos play an essential role in the evolution of weather.
Unstable weather in western Greece is mainly affected by Italy and the Adriatic Sea. In contrast, eastern Greece is affected by the northern countries such as Bulgaria and east countries such as Turkey.
As for the winds, you will find them mainly in the Aegean Sea and at the tops of the mountains.

Epirus, located west of the Pindos mountain range, is mainly affected by weather phenomena coming from the Adriatic Sea. The result is that the weather is rainier from the end of autumn until April.
The minimum temperatures in coastal areas such as Preveza reach 5 ° C and the inland regions such as Ioannina, 0 ° C. In comparison, the highest is 35 ° C and 30 ° C. Remember that coastal areas have elevated humidity levels.

The mountains of Greece and mainly of Epirus, where the largest mountain mass is located, are covered by snow from December to April. At this period, it is not so safe to hike to mountain tops without the proper equipment and mountainous 4×4 tours in contrast to the snow sports wherein Epirus you can find three ski resorts.
The summer is almost sunny all the time in the areas of Epirus. Therefore, you can safely enjoy the Greek summer in Preveza, Parga, Sivota, Thesprotia, and your nature excursions. Ideal excursions for travelers are the areas where the rivers create waterfalls and small ponds where you can enjoy a cool swim.

Find the most suitable activities depending on the season and enjoy Epirus to the fullest: